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Pyramid Condominium
9500 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

Pyramid Condominium Aerial Photograph

Pyramid CondosIt isn't 5000 years old nor was it built by the Egyptians, but The Pyramid in Ocean City, Maryland is a unique building on the East Coast that has won several architectural awards. John Whaley, a local developer, commissioned architect William Morgan to design his building in 1971. Morgan was known for designing buildings that respected the landscape. The result is an asymmetrical pyramid that resembles a steep dune.*

The Pyramid was finished in 1975 with 171 one and two bedroom units and an oceanfront heated pool. The building is poured concrete to the 15th floor and is built on over 225 pilings with transverse slabs. It has been said that it is one of the quietest and safest buildings in Ocean City.

Jimmy Hamm, construction superintendent remarked, “It's the damnedest thing I've ever tackled. But, frankly, I've never been as proud of a job I worked on as I am of this one.”

Contributing Author, Helen McElvaney

Pyramid Condominium from the Sea Rocket
Unusually distinct, because of its unique shape, no one can mistake the Pyramid Condos for any other building in Ocean City. This building features distictively uniquely-shaped units and a large outdoor pool w/ sundeck.
Pyramid Pool on the Beach
The Pyramid's pool overelooks the OCMD beach.
Pyramid Condos on Coastal Highway
The Pyramid building as seen from Coastal Highway.

* One advantage of the unique shape is that it reduces the amount of afternoon shade on the beach - enabling sun worshippers to "worship" a bit longer into the day.

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