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Ocean City Correspondent, Jill Anne

When taking a trip to the beach, of course you want to take a camera to capture some memories of your fun in the sun; but here is some advice that you should take first. Read on to see what the New York School of Photography (NYI) says to help you put the focus on quality photos.

Ocean City Beach PhotographyThe number one problem in most beach photos with people in them is the sunlight in the person's face that blinds them -- resulting in a washed out, squinty-eyed picture. Here are some ways to keep the picture from being too bright and too dark, and to keep those eyes from closing.

You may have heard that it is a good idea to take a picture with the sun behind you over your shoulder. Instead, try to capture your subject when their face is in the shade. It won't wash them out and it will allow them to keep their eyes open. If there are clouds in the sky, wait for a cloud to block the direct sunlight. And do not pass on photos if it is a gray day because NYI says that overcast light is even better for close-up portraits! If clouds are nowhere to be seen, then simply have your subject go into a shaded area such as under the shadow of an umbrella or building, a boardwalk, or a bayside tree. In every case, when you eliminate the sunlight, you will also get rid of two problems at once; bright highlights or dark shadows and the squinty eyed look.

Picture of People in the Ocean at the beachIf you are in a place where there just isn't any shade, try turning your subject until they are no longer squinting and the sun of off of the majority of their face. Since the sun will likely be almost behind them, this is the proper instance in which to use the "fill-flash" setting on your camera.

For more tips on how to take better pictures at the beach, visit the NYI Website at http://www.nyip.com.

Whatever the weather, we wish you a great day of photography.

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