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Romancing the Room

Ocean City Correspondent, Jill Anne

All you need to plan a romantic getaway in Ocean City is love in your heart and the computer in front of you. Weather or not you have a place in mind; OCtheBeach.com can help you plan the perfect getaway. A quick tour of OCtheBeach.com will help you find hotels with indoor heated pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, in-room whirlpools, 24-hour room service, fresh flowers, and great entertainment.

Beach Umbrellas in Ocean City

If you are planning to surprise the love of your life, you may want to choose one of the hotels with a gourmet restaurant such as the Fenwick Inn with Jordan's Rooftop, The Princess Royale with Schooners, the Holiday Inn on 66th street with Reflections. Book the room in advance and take that special someone to the restaurant for a romantic dinner. After dinner have your server bring your room key along with dessert or after dinner drinks. Chances are, your date will want to finish the dessert or drinks pretty quickly so you can go check out the room that awaits. If you plan ahead properly you can probably even get some hotels to add a little something extra to the room such as fresh flowers or candles prior to your arrival for a small fee. Just to add that special touch.

Want a little of the peace and quiet that does not usually go along with big hotels? One of the most popular places to stay for a romantic getaway is a Bed and Breakfast with charming rooms that seem as if they are right out of the pages of a steamy romance novel. Cuddling in the room before a fireplace during the winter, or rocking on the porch during the warmer months tends to suit many hearts in love. There’Äôs nothing like being surrounded by antique accouterments to give the feel of a time when life was not so rushed to help you slow your lives down as well and just enjoy each other's company. A bed and breakfast is the perfect place to find this because many tend to have four posters, sleigh beds, and other items that make you think of the Victorian era. Bed and breakfasts are generally situated in quaint towns and you can generally stroll along hand in hand to find places to eat or things to do. Ocean City is not so quaint, but there is always something to do very close by. When making reservations, keep in mind that many bed and breakfast inns, and even some hotels, offer deals and packages specially for couples that are celebrating a special occasion.

If you and your sweetheart are night people, you may want to opt for four- and five-star resorts. Large resorts are more likely to have nightly entertainment so you don't have to go far from your temporary home to have fun. Late-night lovers also tend to sleep late as well and many larger hotels have room service to bring you breakfast in the afternoon or a meal late at night. Room service can make it so you never have to leave the room! However, if you do decide to leave the room, a cocktail in a candle-lit bar is great for setting the night up with sweet talk. For those that are more energetic, many couples like to hit hotel health clubs together.

Whatever it is you desire for a romantic beach getaway, you can have it all in Ocean City, a least for a few days. A great room to spend the entire weekend in, room service to wait on you hand and foot, a breathtaking view of the Ocean right outside your balcony, or a small hotel hidden away from the busy areas. You can wisk your sweetie away and sweep him/her off their feet, all it takes is a little planning.

Wherever you stay, we wish you a great time at the beach.

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