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A Beach Umbrella Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Beach Holiday

Are you fed up with looking for a small patch of shade to sit in on the beach? Maybe jostling with your partner to squeeze yourselves in? Well, you can now say goodbye to struggling to fit in the shade. A good beach umbrella will provide enough shade for you and your partner to sit comfortably in beach chairs, with room for the kids to play in the sand in front, protected from the fierceness of the sun above. You will also enjoy protection from blowing sand. All in all you will have a much more comfortable beach experience if you take along a good umbrella.

Beach umbrellas usually come in attractive, vibrant colors which not only look good, but also make good markers for youngsters to return to on the beach.

When shopping for a beach umbrella, look for a good-sized one - an 8 foot diameter is a good baseline. Dull anodized aluminum is a good choice for the pole, being rust-free and light-weight. Many umbrellas have anchor spiraling at the end of the pole, for extra sturdiness in the sand.

A good choice of material for the ribs is fiberglass, and make sure there are enough ribs to make the umbrella sturdy and safe. Sixteen ribs are usually sufficient for a sturdy, long-lasting umbrella.

The best umbrellas come with adjustable metal tilts so you can set the umbrella at the optimal angle to cast the maximum shadow. The umbrella covering itself can be made from various materials - a popular choice is weatherproof polyester coated with Teflon. Look also for vents in the canopy which allow for air release and help prevent the umbrella from inverting.

Finally, your ideal beach umbrella will have some provision for transportation and storage - look for an umbrella that comes with its own light-weight fabric carrying bag.

A good beach umbrella is an attractive fashion accessory which will turn heads on the beach - believe me, people sweltering in the full glare of the sun will be very envious. Even more importantly, it will offer protection to you and your family from the potentially harmful rays of the sun, and make the beach experience what it was always meant to be - a fun, relaxing time for the family to bond. Especially if you have young children with you, you will not regret the investment you made in your beach umbrella.

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