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Enjoy this remarkable photograph, by Bill Swartwout, of the Indian River Bridge at night, which is something you won't see unless you get off the highway. If you've ever traveled Coastal Highway from Ocean City to Rehoboth Beach you have crossed over this bridge. Click the picture to see how this image looks as a printed photograph on Stretched Canvas. Where would you hang this in your home or office?

Indian River Bridge Lighted at Night
And, of course, photos of Condo Row, from a perspective you may not have seen unless you took a plane ride at Ocean City Airport. Click the pictures to see what else Bill has posted.
Condo Row Aerial Pictures

More Beach Art and Photographs - Boardwalk, beach & ocean scenes by other independent photographers and artists.

New 234x60 banner-2 OCtheBeach.com ifeatures the photography of Bill Swartwout but we are also affiliated with Imagekind, a network of unique and independent artists. You will help support OCtheBeach and independent photographers and artists if you begin shopping here. You will also save time and money and (in most cases) sales tax while browsing for art and photography to decoarate your walls - at your home, office or beach place. (Please note that we are not affiliated with Ocean City's famous Ocean Gallery.)

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