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What follows is the second in our series of insights into the OC real estate market.

What Does a Realtor Do...
by: Terri Moran, Contributing Author

...in the winter in Ocean City, Maryland? Let me count the tasks.

Terri Moran, REALTOR, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


In a continual and consistent manner, we inform owners of showings, and discuss comments from agents and prospective buyers to keep everyone in the buying or selling cycle up to speed on any developments. We check our listings whether it be condominiums, homes or lots to replenish flyers, prepare an updated Comparative Market Analysis which may lead to a price reduction, review other agents listings (the competition and opportunity to inform our buyer prospects of a special property that is for sale) and mail out a yearly magnetic refrigerator calendar. We clean out files, scan documents and prepare for income tax filing. We write out our plan for getting listings, attracting buyers and setting goals getting ready quarter by quarter. We clean out our desks and offices.

In Ocean City as in any resort, our business runs in cycles. February begins our selling season each year. That is the time when most people have "had it" with being in for the winter and they have completed holiday cleanup. They think, "Now what? Let’s go to Ocean City. It’s close and room rates are great this time of year. Maybe we’ll look at condos and consider buying one." And, off they go.

As a "seasoned" Realtor, I have seen many years of new beginnings. Some agents find this time of year a bit depressing. I see it as a challenge. How fast I get started depends on how consistent I am in showing up for the job, creating a plan and following through with the tasks. This is not as easy as it sounds. Our phones interrupt us. Emails fly at us at a faster pace than ever. Facebook, Twitter, and all the internet programs pull our attention. We have education classes and office meetings to attend. We volunteer our time to work on one or more of the local, state or National Association of Realtors projects. We make phone calls, mail out postcards, create advertisements, and fill in numerous pages of paperwork for listings and sales contracts. We educate our prospective buyers and sellers during our initial appointment on what we do, how we work and what is expected of each of us.

This is just a snapshot of activities necessary, as an independent contractor, to create and maintain a real estate business…

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