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Ocean City, Maryland

Fenwick Island Lighthouse

Fenwick Island Light began protecting mariners on August 1, 1859. The Fenwick shoals that extend more than 5 miles out from the Delaware coast were a hazard to shipping; which prompted the building of this beacon of safety.

Fenwick Island Lighthouse framed by trees Mason Dixon Line Marker

The location of the lighthouse is unique. It was built on the eastern edge of the Mason-Dixon Line - the border between Delaware and Maryland. The stone marker (above) at the "end of the line," has the south side of the marker inscribed with the coat of arms of the Calverts and the north side with the coat of arms of the Penns. The Maryland side is shown in the photo.

Fenwick island Lighthouse stands guard in morning

Spiral Stairs inside the Fenwick Island Lightouse

Fenwick Island Lighhouse Plaque

Looking up the sideof the tapered wallFront door with posted hours

National Register Plaque for the Fensick Island Lighthouse

Transpeninsular Line Plaque with Description

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