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Sun Rise on the Beach

Sunrise Sunset

Sun Rise on the Beach in Ocean City
The sun just breaks the horizon as a ship passes, heading north toward the Delaware Bay.

Sun Rise on the Beach
On the Beach

On mornings like this it feels wonderful to be alive and lucky to be able to greet the day in Ocean City with a marvelous sunrise. Many people break their daily (back home) routine by getting up early enough to watch the morning sunrise.

Somewhere around six o'clock the dawn's early light usually awakens me to the sounds of the surf and beckons me shake out the sandman to watch the sunrise. So, with cup of coffee in hand, I walk onto the balcony or onto the beach - feeling close to nature and oh, so lucky to be here in Ocean City.

Ocean City's Sun Rise on the Beach
Sitting on the balcony overlooking the Ocean City beach (with a cuppa joe) welcoming the dawn - just a few minutes before sunrise over the Atlantic.
Sun Rise on the Beach - Ocean City, Maryland
Just after the sun breaks the horizon over the Atlantic Ocean the blazing red sky from a few minutes before give begins to yield to the blue skys of a beautiful summer day in Ocean City. You'll certainly need your sunglasses on a day like this.
Picture of Sun Rise on the Beach in OCMD
Early sunrise over the Atlantic shores of OCMD with the sun just beginning to peak over the horizon.

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